Do you want to achieve more in your running?

Are you passionate about running but struggling in one or more of these areas:

  • Motivation
  • Consistency
  • Staying injury free
  • Setting ambitious and realistic goals
  • Finding a training plan that works for you
  • Nutrition
  • Having enough time for all the above

Don’t worry – it is difficult to do everything effectively on your own. Although I am a qualified running coach, I too have a coach of my own to help with some of these areas.

Having a coach takes the guesswork out of training. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge in running, strength work and nutrition then it can be time consuming and daunting trying to learn the most effective tools for your training.

And even if you do know your stuff in these areas, it is sometimes difficult to look at your own training objectively. Are you pushing yourself too hard or not enough?

Bespoke one-to-one run coaching

One-to-one coaching is a two-way process. You know your dreams and fears better than anyone but by working with me directly we can work out the best way to help you achieve your goals whilst fitting in with your day to day life.

I will also help you stay motivated and consistent with your training. By meeting every month to discuss your progress, we can tweak the plan and solve any issues you may have. We can factor in holidays and busy times at work and at home.

And you don’t need to wait to the monthly call if anything arises. You can message me throughout the plan to ask any questions you may have.


  • No more time spent on researching or designing your own training plans
  • Plans that work towards your goals and fit round your lifestyle
  • Guidance from a fully qualified Coach in Running Fitness when you need it
  • Get accountability for your training
  • Fresh ideas to kick start your motivation for training

Who should sign up for this:

  • Runners looking to take their running to the next level in terms of speed or distance
  • Busy runners who want to save time planning their training
  • Runners lacking in motivation with their current training
  • Runners struggling with consistency

Who should not sign up for this:

  • Runners who are currently injured. I thank you sincerely for your interest in coaching but I suggest you work with a physio to get back to running fitness first. Stay in touch – feel free to drop me a message anytime – and I’ll be here when you are ready.

Am I qualified:

  • Yes I am a fully qualified level 2 Coach in Running Fitness through UK Athletics
  • I am also studying to become a qualified nutrition coach

What do clients like about the coaching:

So much!! Accountability ~ having a 4 weekly plan instead of much longer plans that can seem overwhelming ~ takes the “planning” off my shoulders ~ actually talking with my coach instead of just messaging or emailing ~ having a coach to talk with that actually knows my goals, helps me set and revise them if need be, and is invested in achieving them with me. Throughout my training programme, I really felt Alan had my back and was rooting for me!


I wanted to get around my pb which was 1.24.46. I finished up with a new pb of 1.23.07!


Are you ready?

If you are ready to take the next step then please sign up below. If you would like to talk through anything first to make sure this is right for you then please book a free 30 minute initial consultation call over zoom with this link:

Book an appointment with Personnel Calendar using SetMore

If you choose to sign up below you will receive a Stripe confirmation and be redirected to the initial assessment form. Please fill this in at your earliest convenience. From this I will prepare your first 4 week plan for the following Monday (assuming you sign up before Saturday the previous week).

One-to-one Running Coaching – £59 per month

Initial assessment of running goals and current fitness via google form

Bespoke training plans 4 weeks at a time

Monthly video or phone call with the coach to discuss progress and goals

Email or text support throughout the plan for any questions you have

If you are still not sure whether this is right for you, please email me at or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

I really look forward to helping you on your running journey!