Are you a runner looking to improve your marathon time, enhance your knowledge, and cultivate a positive mindset and nutrition habits?

“The Running Rules Marathon Club” is here to help you reach your full potential and become the best runner you can be.

As a member of The Marathon Club, you will get help on perfecting your training and getting nutrition spot on. We will make sure you are sET the right goals for you, develop the strong mindset you need for the marathon and discuss the specifics of individual marathons.

You will have the opportunity to participate in live coaching calls, where you can ask questions and get personalised feedback from me and our guest experts. In addition, you will have access to a community of like-minded runners who can support and motivate you along the way.

Join the Marathon Club today and take the first step toward achieving your running goals. With Generic training plans, expert nutrition advice, mindset coaching, community support, and access to exclusive resources, you will have everything you need to succeed. Don't wait - become a member today!

What is included?

  • Monthly Masterclass with Q+A
  • Monthly Guest Expert with Q+A
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call
  • Monthly Review and Goal Setting
  • Facebook Community of like-minded marathoners for support and motivation
  • Exclusive training and nutrition guides and resources
  • Free month for you when you bring a friend!

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Hi, I’m Alan, a very passionate running coach, nutritionist and marathoner. In 2018 I was where you are now. My dream was to qualify for the London Marathon with a sub 3-hour marathon. My previous best was 3:25. I thought a sub 3-hour marathon might not be possible but I decided to commit to trying. That year, I ran 2:58 and by refining the skills I learnt then, I’ve since lowered that further to 2:46. I’ve also been coaching marathon runners since 2015, first at my local running club of which I am now head coach and also more recently one-to-one through my coaching business. I am qualified as a UK Athletics Level 2 Coach in Running Fitness and hold an Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition Coaching.

What do my clients say?

Absolutely Buzzing!
You've turned what I thought was going to be another shocker of a year into an incredible year for me


Would recommend 100%. Found the tips and suggestions helpful in regaining focus. Noticed improvement in my recovery from hard run sessions - found I recovered quicker / wasn't as tired


I really felt Alan had my back and was rooting for me! With Alan’s coaching and encouragement I recently completed my first ultra marathon - injury free and recovering well!


Really pleased to run a personal best, eight attempts in, almost 17 years after my first marathon. It turns out preparation really is king and it’s been fantastic working with Alan at The Running Rules


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