Thank you so much for taking the next step on your running journey – I’m really excited to start working with you. Seeing people progressing in their health and fitness goals is something that keeps me very motivated and hopefully it will help you to stay motivated too.

This guide outlines what to expect from your one-to-one coaching. Remember that coaching is a two-way process and the more involved you are and the more feedback you give, the more likely you are to enjoy your training and achieve your goals.

If at any point you are not sure of anything or not happy with the process please let me know so we can resolve any issues.

What to expect from one-to-one coaching

  • If you haven’t already filled out your initial assessment questionnaire please do so as soon as possible. This will form the basis of your starting plan and allows us both to see your initial goals.
  • Unless otherwise specified we will be using Whatsapp as our primary communication method for questions and feedback. This keeps all our conversation in one place.
  • Download the TrainingPeaks app, link your watch and add me as your coach. Instructions are in the questionnaire above. This is where you will receive your plans, typically 1-3 weeks in advance.
  • I encourage you to give feedback on your runs in TrainingPeaks. This is useful not only for me but for you to be able to look back on your progress. Do this when you finish a run when the memory is fresh. Include the following:

RPE (relative perceived effort) 1(very easy) – 10(very hard)

Feel (how the session went) 1(not good) – 5 (great)

Any comments you wish to add including conditions, profile, nutrition, mindset and any niggles.

  • If you have any injuries at any point then please let me know. I am not a doctor or a physio and I may well recommend you see one of the two, but don’t train on if you think there is something wrong.
  • Please let me know if things are going well or not and if you have questions at any stage. I will usually respond the same day (before 9pm) but please allow up to 24 hours for me to respond.
  • Above all, the main aim should be to enjoy training and if that is not the case then there may be ways we can vary things up.